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Luggage Huggers ®
Scottsdale, AZ

Phone: 602-885-3256
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Custom Logos
Ideal for family travel, corporate and incentive travel, group, sports, college students and alumni, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, etc…You get the idea! If you need more information about volume buys please contact us. If you would like to have each Hugger embroidered or screen printed with a symbol, design or logo please know there is a minimum order of 12. The cost will vary by complexity of design so please inquire by phone or email and we will try to have a quote within 24 hours. Best if you can email the design to expedite the process!

Wholesale Inquiries
If you are a retailer and would like more information about carrying Luggage Huggers in your stores, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Please be prepared to provide a resale license number when ordering.